Friday, November 2, 2007

Mi Buena Amiga

After posting to my Little Way list on Yahoo Groups, a dear friend came to my rescue. She read about not having access to my blog and graciously opened this new one. Just a quick thank you, and virtual hug to mi amiga, Robin!

Your Sister in the Trinity,


Thursday, November 1, 2007

Finding a Little Sanctity Amid a LOT of Dust!!!

Dear Sisters,

We are settling in after our move across the equator. Last Saturday we were pleasantly surprised by getting internet connected in our home about 4 weeks before we thought it would happen. That helps counterbalance waiting over a week for a new clothes dryer to get installed. Life has been an adventure. That is our code word now when we begin to feel a bit of stress surrounding this move into a new culture, new continent, new hemisphere.

Much that I simply had grown used to in Houston isn't available here. But, overall, I think this move is good, and will continue to be for our family. Lima is large, noisy, fast and slow paced, depending on what you want or need to do. My Spanish is coming along out of necessity, as our household help speaks less English than I do Spanish. Fortunately, the universal smile and learning to pantomime helps!

I had hoped to begin a blog in order to chronicle our adventures here. I still intend to do so, but the problem is I signed up for one and my user name, as well as password are securely locked away in our desktop computer in Houston! Once that gets resolved, I will pass on a link.

I hope you are all actively seeking the hidden sanctity within your vocation. A friend sent a beautiful story that related building cathedrals to mothers. It came at just the right moment for me, about 4 days after our move. My husband looked at me, and asked why I was crying. I was so choked up, I couldn't respond ... however, I did manage to let him know they were good tears. So much that we do is hidden, and rightly so. Remember that first and foremost, you are a beautiful child of God. Our loving Father wants our best, and blesses us with challenges that stretch and mold us into souls more able to accomplish His will.

More later ... and may your eve of All Saints be abundantly blessed!

Your Sister in the Trinity,

(from Little Way e-mail of 10/31/07)