Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Living in Canada gives me moments to consider the path the United States is following.  Please read Michael Coren about loss of religious freedom.  BTW, did you realize that since President Obama has taken office he and his cohorts never refer to "religious" freedom, but only to freedom to worship?

Think for just a moment about the difference here.  Religious freedom is guaranteed under the Constitution.  Not freedom to worship, though that is included under religious freedom it is not the same thing.  I practice  my religious freedom in my entire being, while my freedom to worship can conceivably only involve attendance at a venue, like Mass.  My religion does inform my belief system.  It is molded by the guidance of centuries of the Catholic Church's experience.

Anyway, there are days it gets pretty depressing listening to, reading, and looking deeper into current issues.

Bill 13, anti-bullying, just passed.  EXCEPT, the way it is written it has nothing to do with real bullying.  Bullying, which the courts, special interest groups and the government can now use to make those who do not believe that homosexual license is real freedom.  The irony is sad.  Apparently, freedom of religion is lost on my Canadian friends.  It isn't good enough to want to just be left alone.  That attitude is what has pushed a minority agenda, to the detriment of their country.