Sunday, May 11, 2014

In a Holding Pattern

Silence .. nice to have.  However, I have neglected this blog (sorry blog friends.)

Here is a smattering of what has kept us busy:

The end of March Tom resigned from KCM, giving them their requested 90 day notice.

Via our Monkeys on the Roof blog we launched our cyber yard sale on April 1.  As items sold, I removed them, so only one post about real monkeys on our roof remains.  By the time we left Chingola on April 10 we had sold most items, including our Nissan Patrol.  Crazy way to hold a "house sale" but it worked.  Tom had a busy week after he returned selling most of the remaining high price items.

We drove to Lusaka on Friday, Mary took her ACT on Saturday, then Tom dropped both of us off early at the Lusaka airport.  He drove home solo and got to Chingola before we took off to Nairobi.
Our flights home were long, but uneventful until we approached Houston.  Tom only had one close call on his drive.

We arrived at the beginning of Holy Week and experienced a wonderful Triduum and Easter Vigil!

Mary took a small role in "The Children's Hour" along with Kate who has a lead role.  Her first rehearsal with the cast was the same day we arrived home.  The show is still running one more weekend.  Friday night Meghan, Peter and I attended.  It is a compelling play.  They have only one more weekend of a 3 weekend run.

Meghan started her new job at Lone Star College .. beginning in the same capacity that Kate did at the testing center.  The shorter commute and regular hours are a welcome change for her.

Peter celebrated a low key 21st birthday by helping make funnel cakes for the Knights of Columbus at the CTR Parish Festival.

Last weekend we celebrated Mother's Day with brunch at Local Pour.  A week early, but no waiting in long lines .. it was quiet and much more special.

This past week Mary continues to work hard on her American and British Literature classes (final two for her diploma).  She officially registered with LoneStar and we continue to go out driving.

Peter's spring semester concluded with his Environmental Science final on Thursday.  He interviewed with Target, but hasn't received the 2nd interview, yet.  He is still hopeful, but is continuing to apply for work at other places.

Best news?  Tom will be coming back to Houston before his June 28 completion date.  The company agreed to pay to the end of the 90 days, and let him take vacation without returning.

And, provided several things out of our control (as always) fall into place Tom and I will be relocating later this summer.

I realize these are only the highlights .. Thought you might enjoy seeing both Josephine and Richard. Both pictures were taken our final day in Chingola!

Mary with Josephine, our trusted housekeeper.

Richard, our gardener.

It was bittersweet saying goodbye to both Josephine and Richard.  We will be concerned for their future wellbeing, but also trust that they will do just fine.  Both are continuing to work for Tom on a much more part time basis until he leaves.