Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Still Here

In case you are one of those kind souls that check in on my blog ... rest assured we are still around.

I last posted before the wedding. It was beautiful! Unfortunately, our pictures turned out to be terrible. We have a wonderful set of photographs, and once I receive the cd from the bride, I'll post a few of our favorites.

Trip home was okay, except for leaving my beautiful mother-0f-the-bride dress hanging in the motel room closet in Arkansas. Needless to say (but I will) it was one of those times I wish I had been my usual snotty self and actually checked the closets after hubby said everything was taken care of.

We visited Chicago, and loved it! Expensive, but other than that, it was beautiful weather.

Made it home -- well, almost home -- but got to sit at the border for over 2 hours waiting to cross. In the process my air conditioner konked out. Several visits to the dealer later it was resolved. Warranty was taken care of except ... other than a letter informing us it was closed out we haven't received the check.

Both kids are back busy with some activities. I volunteered to help with a project I'll share on later. Anyone who asks me for help right after Mass always gets a yes, even when I really don't know what I'm doing. So far it is coming along beautifully ... pictures later.

We've plunged into the London real estate market and will be moving into a new-to-us house the end of November.

It blows my mind to realize that 2 years ago we were living (and shivering) in Peru. A year ago we were packing up our belongings for the trip north to here (being stalled by the arrival of Hurricane Ike), and almost ready to jump in the car. Now a year later we are settling in, and moving for what we hope is a place to stay for a bit.

Okay, that catches you up, sorta. More later. I hope your own family is being abundantly blessed!