Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanksgiving Week Travel Plans

Tom will be flying home from his week in Yellowknife.  He told me last night that he has had to deal with a hot hotel room, and then plunging cold outside.  That makes for a compromised immune system.  Vitamin D and C will be generously dished out on his return.

We have only today and tomorrow to get the pets, house and us ready to leave for Colorado.  The weather looks promising for the drive out.  We hope it holds for the drive home, too!  Our first Thanksgiving as a newly married couple involved a serious car accident, and we do not want a repeat of that!

The pets aren't coming, but we do have to have the house ready so they can be alone for the majority of the day and evening.  Kind neighbors will be feeding and giving them social time while we are gone.

Other than that, we expect to have a more leisurely drive west than the last one the beginning of October.

We all hope that you each have a good Thanksgiving holiday together with your friends and family.  Each year we look back over the previous year, and realize how blessed we have been.  We can also see the challenges, and whether we each rose or fell to the occasion.

This Thanksgiving our immediate family will be apart.  The college girls in Houston, our oldest in Germany with her better half, and us in Colorado with most of Tom's family.  Some of my family will gather in Las Vegas at a sister's home, and another sister will have her family gathering at their home in Washington.  With God's grace, most of my family is planning a trip back "home" for the 4th of July.   Can't wait to see them all, and to meet all the newest members from my nephews' and nieces' families.

May you each receive an awareness of your blessings, may you each receive help in carrying your burdens, and may you each receive consolation in your sorrows.

Wake Up Call

Just thankful that our travels this Thanksgiving week are by car.  Sure hope this is stopped before our two daughters fly north for the Christmas holidays.  Please, pass this on ... it is outrageous, and as Rep. Paul says, if it is illegal (not to say anything about immoral) for an individual to do this, how on earth can it be okay for an agent of the Federal government to do it?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pass it On!

Likely this will be taken off soon ... but our President is not legally able to be our President.  Why on earth do we have to continue.  Put Joe Biden in and have done with it all.  That is why we have a Constitution.  That is why we are a Republic, ruled by law, not by the whims of the majority ... and even less so by the elite who "know better."  Another thing ... find this book and read it:
A History of the American People by Paul Johnson

It is not a simple book to read ... don't expect to find this easy to read, either.  But, I'd bet that if you read my blog, you enjoy thinking, and this book will make you think.  It will also make you laugh, chuckle, cringe and see how we are seen by someone who is not from the USA.

Oh!  And Pass on this link ASAP .. we know that YouTube isn't able to hold on to many things for long because of the oversight (in part from Homeland Security) ... Just hope I don't get stopped at the border the next time I cross!!!!