Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pass it On!

Likely this will be taken off soon ... but our President is not legally able to be our President.  Why on earth do we have to continue.  Put Joe Biden in and have done with it all.  That is why we have a Constitution.  That is why we are a Republic, ruled by law, not by the whims of the majority ... and even less so by the elite who "know better."  Another thing ... find this book and read it:
A History of the American People by Paul Johnson

It is not a simple book to read ... don't expect to find this easy to read, either.  But, I'd bet that if you read my blog, you enjoy thinking, and this book will make you think.  It will also make you laugh, chuckle, cringe and see how we are seen by someone who is not from the USA.

Oh!  And Pass on this link ASAP .. we know that YouTube isn't able to hold on to many things for long because of the oversight (in part from Homeland Security) ... Just hope I don't get stopped at the border the next time I cross!!!!

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