Thursday, May 20, 2010

Newest Banner

Today at 1:30 the newest quilted banner created in honor of Pentecost was hoisted into place.  Here are some pictures of portions of the top, bottom and quilting detail from the back.  I hope you enjoy this newest inspired piece.

Our only guideline was to use a lot of red with gold.  There were 4 other women helping, and they each created 12 long strips (about 16' each) randomly piecing 7 different reds that had been cut into 4 different lengths along with blue rectangles and gold squares.  These long strips were pieced together to create the lower portion of the banner.

 Symbols are very much an integral part of this design.  From the use of only triangles for the top part, to the use of only long rectangles in the lower portion.  The Trinity of gold triangles, is again reflected within the white "Holy Spirit", with three red triangles surrounding a central gold triangle.  That same gold is then rained down, and accompanied by the blue print to represent "wind."  The quilting is the a swirl pattern, with the exception of the white dove and triangle "Trinity."  The upward feel from the bottom rectangles is intended to portray us reaching toward Heaven in prayer, with our prayers interplaying with the shower of grace (gold squares) from the Holy Spirit.

The quilting was completed by Tim at The Marsh Store in Coldstream using a long-arm machine and gold thread.  The entire project was started in February, with the majority of the cutting and piecing accomplished during Lent.  The quilting was completed mid-April.  Final hand sewing for the binding, as well as the tabs for hanging we finished just prior to Ascension Thursday.

Many, many thanks go to Trish O'Neil, who was our inspirer, Joan D., Mary K., Mary M., Donna G. and Betsy G. for help with cutting, piecing, designing and finish work. Can't forget Shirley and Tim at The Marsh Store in Coldstream, for their help with fabric choice, as well as expert quilting knowhow!  Thanks also to parish staff for their enthusiastic visits while we were working on the top.  Finally, to my own family for their kind, but needed critical eye to help with the final design on the top, and completion of the project.  

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Daughter's Blog

She sent this link out to the entire family a while ago, and I confess that I only opened it today.  It is neat to "see" who she is.  For me, she'll always be my "busy Lizzy," but reading about her interests has been a nice way to get to know her in a way I hadn't before.  If you'd like to read life from a young woman 30 years my junior, enjoy!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Where did April go?

No thoughts, just amazed that an entire month was so filled with activities.