Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sometimes I Arrive Late to the Party

But, I eventually get there.  With our move I missed this simple request via the USCCB webpage: Year of Faith call for fast and abstinence.   If you haven't already signed up (and you want to) it is simple.  They will send a weekly reminder plus a reflection.  Simple, easy, but of spiritual importance.  If for no other reason than that we need to remember which side of this worldwide battle we are on with regard to the sanctity of life, marriage and religious freedom.


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Us in the US: Weeks 1 and 2

Howdy ... we've been more than a bit busy.  After landing Mary was treated to pepperoni pizza, root beer and Blue Bell ice cream.  She had been missing these!  That evening we went to a play Kate was in "Good, Better, Best" in the Heights district.

Thursday Mary and I flew to Indianapolis, enjoyed a bit of shopping with Elizabeth .. and then headed to Bloomington.  Here is a photo of Liz and John Paul before the Easter Vigil.

And one of Liz and Mary dying Easter eggs. Behind is evidence that John Paul is a PhD candidate!  I've never seen so many books in one small apartment.

We flew home to Houston on Easter Sunday.  Later that week we enjoyed a crawfish dinner! 

The next day Meghan and Mary decided to give lollipops a try.  They enjoyed making candy and baking in Canada.  It was fun, as you can see from the last pic of Mary displaying a finished one.

The other item on our list that week was getting the trees trimmed, one of the chores to get ready for hurricane season.  A few before/after shots.  

If you look close you'll see the trimmers up in the trees, gives a better perspective on the actual size of these two oaks in the front yard.

 Strong and lean looking oak in the front yard looking out from the house.  And the final picture for this  post is the avocado tree, thriving despite Hurricane Ike, renters neglect and last summer's drought.  There will be no fruit growing, but the tree(s) is beautiful .. with 3 separate trunks.