Wednesday, December 5, 2007

TGI Friday's ~ Peruvian Style

One Friday evening we were in the need for some "American" food. So we piled into our car, and Tom drove us to one of several American style restaurants now in Lima. We chose TGI Fridays. Very similar to ones we have been in back in Houston. Some differences, though, naturally since we were in Peru.

Here are some shots of us in the restaurant. The servers were all wearing crazy hats. Our waitress had a top hat. Another had a bull on his head. There were some pirates, cowboys, safari hats, ski caps and clown hats. You name it, and likely, it was there! The servers were all very young, enthusiastic, and of all ethnic origins. It is funny to see a tall, svelte black woman and hear her speaking fluent Spanish. We have learned that Peruvians come in all shapes, sizes and ethnic origins.

Our server was more typically Peruvian. Her smile was infectious, and helped make up for our lack of skill in speaking Spanish. The time honored practice of pointing to the menu holds true here, too. Unfortunately, or rather, allowing for some adventure, ordering the options was a different matter. Meghan ordered onion rings with her burger. Besides the fact that her burger was HUGE, it included not just fried onion rings, but raw onion rings, too. Mary ordered a burger, and said 'medio,' when asked how she wanted it cooked. (We didn't know how to say well done.) Mary passed on eating her burger as 'medio' was more closely related to rare, and instead concentated on her delicious papas fritas. Peter ordered ribs, and a huge plate appeared! He was in seventh heaven, as he munched away, though you wouldn't know it by his picture. Tom and I enjoyed glasses of excellent wine, along with our meals. We had enough to take home for lunch the following day.

It took about 45 minutes, after completing our meal, to catch our server and get our bill. Then it took another 20 minutes to get it paid! That is where we see a huge difference between Lima and Houston. Their goal is service, but not speed. Where, usually, in Houston the goal is to get another party to the table asap.

Another adventure into traffic, a few close calls, as usual, and we made it back home, safe and sound!

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  1. Thank you for the pictures--it is wonderful to see your faces and hear your experiences! I am studiously ignoring your other post--I've had nightmares of rats since childhood and they creep me out.

    Well, the elder Lennons are staying in this Friday evening to watch the Rockets play the New Jersey Nets. Matt is at our parish youth center playing Warhammer with some friends, and Cait is off to the movies with friends.

    Hasta la vista y vaya con Dios! (that's most of my very little Spanish!)