Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Train Trip to Toronto

In front on Union Station almost ready to go back home

Down at the piers overlooking Lake Ontario
CN Tower.  We managed to walk all the way around, then decided to have lunch in the revolving restaurant.
Toward the end of our meal the revolution was complete.  The green roof in the center is the Royal York.  The green roof to the right side is Union Station.  

Just arrived at Union Station!
View from the restaurant of where the Indy Car Toronto race took place.  We could hear the racers while we walked the city.

View of the Royal York across from Union Station.  This is where Tom stays when he has overnight business in Toronto.  We had to make a quick washroom stop inside!  Beautiful old building.

Sunday: July 18, 2010: Tom travels to Toronto on ViaRail often, and earned enough "points" for a free round trip for all of us to Toronto.  We originally hoped that he and Peter could go the the Indy Car Toronto race.  Details couldn't be worked out early enough, as a result we played tourists!  We visited the pier, walked past the baseball stadium, and the CN Tower.  At the CN Tower we were famished, and rode the express elevator up to the revolving restaurant.  During our fabulous meal the view rotated completely around, taking about 70+ minutes.  After that we walked to where the subway/mall is.  The shops were closed as it was Sunday, which suited us just fine.  We were all just curious about how a mall could be located under the city.  Next was a long walk to visit a funky shopping area called Kensington Market.  On the way we walked through Chinatown (as evidenced by all the street signs being in Chinese.)  By the time we were done at Kensington, we hopped on the subway back to Union Station.  The train ride home was first class, including dinner.  It was nice to have one more "must see" checked off our list.  Future visits to Toronto will include several of their museums and art galleries, and of course, shopping in the underground mall.

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