Friday, March 11, 2011

Fresh Snow

I wrote in my last post about being in Calgary last weekend (March 4-6).  Right before I left Tom was concerned about water in the basement because of predicted rainfall.  It almost appeared that the snow season was winding down.  Not so.  After a rainy Saturday they woke up Sunday morning to at least 5" of new snow.  By the time I landed at 4:30, most of it had melted.  In fact, after the -20C in Calgary (where it was so cold the ground didn't crunch, it squeaked) it felt down right balmy.

Yesterday it rained in a slow, steady, cold drizzle all day.  Our evening wound down with a cold fog descending on everyone.  This morning Tom looked out our bedroom window and said we had a lot of new snow.  I thought he was just joking (which he has been known to do.)  Well, he wasn't.  (But I wish he had been.)

Notice how weighed down our trees are.

The height of the shovel was how much snow was on the back deck when Peter started shoveling.

Jess, our dog, loves to be in the snow.  Well, actually, I just think she loves to be where Peter is.

As I'm typing, the snow is continuing to fall, the stick and mortar schools cancelled bus service, but not classes.  (March break begins this weekend so everyone is happy.)  We've cancelled our trip to Michigan, and I'm about to ask Peter to start a new fire in the fireplace.  The snow has helped displace the clammy cold of yesterday.  Every cloud has a silver lining.  I'm not distressed (but it would be nice to finally hang up those shovels for the year.)  The way it is going, we might have another white Easter, even though Easter isn't until April 24!

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