Thursday, June 23, 2011

Let the Birthday Season Begin!!!

In our family Peter and Tom have birthdays all to themselves.  All of us girls, though, celebrate ours within a 6 week time span.  I open the season on the 16th.  Liz's new husband actually beats me (but we don't count him, he's a boy after all.)  Just kidding.

Then Liz has her birthday on the 18th (maybe we shouldn't count her anymore .. how does that work once they marry???)

Mary's was last night!  She informed her Dad during his call yesterday morning that she wasn't exactly 15, yet.  Not until 9:30 in the evening, since she was born in California, and not until 6:30 pm.

The next two birthdays of our season are in July.  Kate will be with us in Nevada, and we'll have to surprise her (unless she actually read's my blog) with a cake while we are there since she'll be back solo in Houston for her real birthday.

Meghan makes the end of the season with her "Christmas in July" date.

Enjoy these birthday pictures.  My cake, as I always request is a cheesecake.  Meghan made it from scratch this year, and those strawberries on top are from our backyard.

Mary's cake was a joint effort between Peter (baker) and Meghan (decorator).  Saturday we'll do something special so Tom can be included.

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  1. Wow-- so you just skipped a few steps and had yourself cloned?! (she's pretty. :)