Sunday, December 18, 2011

4th Sunday of Advent

No pictures.  Our large desktop computer had to be taken for service.  I am using our laptop, and it isn't as simple to post a notice, let alone include pictures.

However, I am expecting it to be returned this week (fingers crossed.)  I received a call from the Toronto Acer service center earlier this week letting me know the problem was dust and it was ready to ship back.  However, the tech also said there was damage to the outside, including a hole in the back, and wanted to know if I wanted them to replace the case!  Yikes!!!  It was NOT damaged at all when I took it back to Best Buy.  So YES! I want it fixed.  A call to our Best Buy confirmed they would cover the cost (and probably file a claim with UPS). Another call to the service center to confirm that Best Buy okayed repairs.  So, now all I can do is wait.

Once we get my Acer back home and hooked up to life support, I'll write about our adventure to Houston and back, our visitors, the weather, and share this year's decorations.  We found some great recipes to share as well (and hope those who have received theirs enjoy them).

Happy 4th Sunday of Advent!!  
Today is also the 2nd O Antiphon: O Lord and Ruler (O Adonai) ... the snow has returned to London, and our Houston girl is happy :-)

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