Thursday, September 13, 2012

Our New Deck

I'll let the photos speak for themselves ... from beginning to the end!    Here is a glimpse of the old deck.  Pretty bad!!!

And the final reveal ....

For those who commented, yes, it was water sealed, twice.  And the only ones building were myself, husband, son and youngest daughter.  The plan was our own, and it was a sad day when we sold the house.  Though, it was probably this that helped sell it in less than 4 days!


  1. That is amazing!! How did your family learn to do that?! It looks like it was built by professionals.

  2. Oh wow, I love your deck! The polygon shape in the front is really cool; it looks almost like something out of a dream. Are all of those guys your family? If they are, it’s so great how they all came together to do the deck! They did an awesome job, for sure.

    Angelina Garcia

  3. That’s one awesome deck! Great job guys! Kudos to every able-body that worked that day. Just don’t forget that moisture is one of the deck’s enemies. If the deck remains constantly wet, it will be a breeding ground for fungus and bacteria that will eat away the deck’s wood. Preventing this can be simple as sweeping regularly and clearing away puddles immediately.

    - Christian Renwick

  4. I totally agree, Christian! It looks like the wood on their deck is stained though, which means it’s waterproof. Hopefully, the stain will hold up, and won’t let the water seep through the wood and decay it. Regular cleaning would definitely help maintain the great quality of the deck.

    -- Barrett Elmore