Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Latest Project

Recall me telling you we have the world's largest rain gauge in the south 40?  Tom decided a week ago it was time to get it drained.  The water was up to this height when he started, can you see the filter?

Here is a close-up:

We tied the end of our "hose pipe" (garden hose to most of you) to a brick, lowering it into the deepest part of the pool.  Then Tom turned on the faucet, ran in water, and once a steady flow was established, he quickly unhooked the end from the faucet, and ran it down hill.  The suction was going quite well.  We connected another "hose pipe" and ran it further into the back 40 .. and it is still going, though just a trickle today.  Of course, it almost feels like as quick as it is siphoning, fresh rainstorms are refilling it.  But we are winning:

Lovely water .. doesn't it just make you want to jump in for a swim?  Kidding.  Until last week KCM had a pool service company come by an dump in chlorine powder to keep the  mosquito population at bay. 

Here is the hosepipe trailing out of the pool and down to the back of the yard:

Looking back up to the pool
And back toward the house form that same place.

And finally, back toward the pool to try to give you an idea of how much drop we had.  Of course, given that the pool is well over 8' deep at the siphon end, we are swiftly approaching the end point.  Once that happens we "hope" that KCM sends a crew to pump out the remaining water, clean out all the muck left behind, scrape and paint the interior.  And "hopefully" when we return the end of May we'll have a real swimming pool to enjoy.  

Did I mention that Zambia is a land of "hope?"    

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