Monday, November 4, 2013

New Animals

The last three days has brought a few new animals to photograph.

First one is a beautiful butterfly near the backyard (actually called the front yard here ??) patio resting on some frilled coreopsis:

Early on Sunday morning, while we were loading up the Trol for a shopping excursion to Kitwe Tom nearly stepped on this little guy.  It was quite patiently watching small ants.  Since we have plenty to share, it was welcome to any and all it would eat.

The final new creature greeted us when we returned from Kitwe.  He (she?) was waiting near the front door on the entryway.  Fortunately it simply skittered in and stayed put outside.  Beautiful lizard, though I am grateful we found it outside, and not inside.  We are fine with the inside lizards as they only range from 1" to no more than 4" long.

Since he was so pretty, here is one more shot:

1 comment:

  1. Aren't they beautiful? You never get the selection of life anywhere else that you do in Africa.

    The second one is a praying mantis, aggressive little blighters, not very fond of them.

    The lizard I don't know, but have you seen a blue skop yet? Now they are beautiful. If you have a big tree anywhere in your garden you will have one.

    The mozzie problem, you need to send to South Africa for a blue light Zapper, you will get some peace then, and rub on mozzie repellent at night when you go to sleep. In my day they used to have teams that went round all the puddles during the rains and sprayed oil on them.

    They also used to have mozzie gauze on all the windows and that used to get sprayed too. There was no malaria in Zambia when I lived there, but that was before independence.