Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Advent Time

An entire 6 week "while I'm in Houston" plan, shattered-to-pieces.

I had not counted on extra time getting home - lost luggage - getting ill!  Or rather, probably still not really over whatever it was I got while in Zambia.  As of this writing (Dec 18) I am down to only 2 more doses of antibiotic treatment, and feeling far more human than I was a week ago!  Simply another vivid reminder that I really am not in charge, and glad I'm not.  I am very thankful for our family doctor, capable kiddos, and a loving husband!

But, Advent marches on, despite any protestations to the contrary.  Here are some of the decorating, some pets and a "new friend" who moved in.   Enjoy!!!

Jess, our good sport!

This little anole was discovered early in December, and now this seems to be the preferred living space (on top of my china hutch).  

Some pets have no problem waiting for Christmas!

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