Thursday, March 18, 2010

Small Differences

Good morning.

It is the day after March 17. Yesterday the kids and I went shopping for our St. Patrick dinner. We finally located corned beef, though there were all much smaller than what we were used to buying. We didn't find buttermilk so we had to pass on making soda bread. Tried to find pistachio ice cream, had to settle for minty chocolately frozen dessert (like ice cream, but with plenty of non-ice-cream type ingredients.) Tried to find new potatoes, had to settle for white boiling potatoes. Tried to find turnips, but decided to pass on the rutabagas. We did see some nice looking artichokes that I think we'll pick up for Saturday's delayed St. Joseph meal. All in all, the meal was good, with no leftovers.

We have lived in enough places to realize that small differences are quite common. Since I shopped at the same Kroger in Houston for over 5 years, my eyes had grown used to what I could purchase there. Naturally, in Peru, we knew it would be different. However, moving to London I am still taken by surprise when we can't find something we were used to in the States. I'm still going to look for buttermilk. It could simply be that the small grocer chain I habitually go to simply isn't large enough to stock it.

This morning Tom and I went to mass at St. Peter's downtown, then walked quite a while trying to find a restaurant for breakfast. Apparently bars are far more numerous than restaurants. I got my exercise in for the day, lol.

Our days have been so deliciously warm we aren't certain that our trip to the sugar bush will be in time to enjoy watching the maple sap being harvested and boiled into syrup.

In the meantime, I hope you are enjoying spring time weather, receiving grace from your Lenten practices and direction in your life.

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