Thursday, September 23, 2010

Truth and why you should vote

One of the sidebars is the excellent Catholic Culture website.  Each morning I am treated to daily Catholic World News emails.  In addition, once a week Catholic Culture sends out an email with linked articles.

The above link is very pertinent.  Some years ago I was part of an email exchange and surprisingly one of the moms who was part of the discussion was defending Planned Parenthood on the premise that they provided prenatal and women's health that wouldn't otherwise be available to low income women.  She was adamant that she did not support abortion, but it was wrong for us to pound on PPPI and only point out their abortions.

Statistics can lie, but in this case ... no lies .. just graphic truths.  The truth about PPPI isn't beautiful, and it is sad . in fact . beyond sad.  It is sadistic.  The natural inclination of any person is to protect a pregnant women, and help her with her baby.

Check out the link .. I promise no graphic pictures.  But, if you have defended PPPI in the past for their "outreach to low income women and families" know that you are supporting an industry that cares only about increasing their profit margin on the backs of those families and on a pool of dismembered children who are truly the hope of our world!

May public funding be cut off from this cult of murder, soon!

Pax Christi

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