Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy 21!

"new" 21 greets "wise" 55

We had the pleasure of celebrating Meghan's 21st birthday in London.  She'll get the "real" celebration once she is back in Houston next week.  Unfortunately, Tom had to travel to Vancouver so he missed the fun.  And, well, with the legal drinking age at 19, it wasn't quite as much fun for her.  She did get carded the day before when we went out to lunch.  But, it isn't quite the same.  Still we had fun concocting a pink cocktail (her signature color if you didn't know.)  Peter made the cake and populated it with gummy bears.  We also enjoyed some bacon stuffed cherry tomatoes for an appetizer.  Enjoy the photos!  Earlier Meghan, Mary and I walked downtown and did a bit of window shopping.  We stopped into Attic Books and found three to take home.  Lunch was at Nates in Covent Gardens.
Wild Night Out:
cranberry juice, lime juice,white tequila shaken over ice, with club soda

making champagne cocktails with brandy, sugar cube, a dash of bitters and champagne

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  1. Happy Birthday Meghan! (I'm going to have to try those recipes..)