Friday, July 29, 2011

Mish Mash of Pictures

Kate is checking out the slots while Tom and I were renting the car.  Definitely a small change disposal device!  She still had her winning smile.

After Mass Sunday morning on the steps of my parents' home.  
Back row: Peter, Tom and me.  Middle  row: Kate, Meghan.  Mary in front.
Notice the freshly painted exterior.  All done by my parents!  Fabulous colors, and pretty awesome considering they did it themselves!
Picnic at the city park with most of the family.  Pictured are my Mom and Dad, Aunt Margi and Meghan.  All of my sister Debbie's family made it.  It was a very special gathering for them, and she is grandmother to some awesome little babies.

The dynamic duo (Tom and me) at the picnic.

My sister Barbara with Meghan and Kate on the playground.  My sisters and I spent many a long summer day playing with friends at this park.  Most of that equipment is gone now.  This slide was here while we were raising our own little girls.  Kate and Meg recalled it being a lot taller when they were smaller.

Can't have a Fourth of July without fireworks.  The skies around Ely still get very dark at night, so the small show was spectacular.

Above is Peter, me, Meghan, Mary and my mom Helen.  Below are Meghan, Kate and Mary.

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