Monday, September 12, 2011


Sticky Fingers

Back in July when we were being "processed" through security at the Las Vegas, Nevada airport my son's passport came up missing.  My daughter demanded that the security staff find it.  My son was embarrassed, but she was right, and they did locate his passport and return it.

After reading this story in today's paper, I am wondering a lot about how innocent it really was.  Something similar happened to Tom's parents on one of their vacations to Mexico with the airline check-in counter, but they didn't realize the Phoenix airport employee had not returned their passports until they had to present them in Mexico!  Fortunately, that was before a passport was required, and they had enough other documents to continue their vacation.

Hmmm... makes we think that the passengers aren't the ones who need screening at the airport.  We are most likely the least of our worries!

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