Monday, September 12, 2011

Nice Visit

Labor Day weekend we had visitors.  Tom's Dad, Ray, flew to Detroit from Denver.  It was, unfortunately, quite a long ordeal for him at the Denver airport.  First his flight was delayed, then, while he was waiting at the gate, the gates were changed without anyone notifying him.  Ray wears hearing aids, and they are readily apparent.  But apparently United Airlines does not believe in taking care of their passengers.  He was left behind.  The gate personnel said they had paged him ... we all know how easy it is to understand everything over the PA system (except the inane "Security Alert Status" notifications.)

Finally he arrived in Detroit and we scooted back across the border and arrived in London well after 1 am!  His original arrival time was supposed to be 2:30 pm.

Late on Friday our oldest daughter and her husband, Lizzy and John Paul, arrived with Sally (their adorable, rambunctious four legged bundle of hair and energy). We had hoped to have a nice fishing expedition on Lake Huron for the guys.  Not to be.  High surf negated the wisdom of trying to go out so the charter was cancelled.

While we didn't get to do much sight seeing, we did get time to visit.  Pictures were not on my mind so none were taken!

I must be a real homebody because I did not realize how close it was to get to the beach.  Mary, Ray and I drove to Port Stanley on Tuesday, and it was apparent that the "season" was over.  The beach was deserted except for us and the seagulls.  Fortunately, they must have been well fed the previous day, and left us alone, much to Mary's relief.  She had a scary run in with some greedy sea gulls at the tender age of 2 while visiting Sea World San Diego!

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  1. That is a beautiful beach! I know where I'd be spending my time.... :)