Saturday, July 6, 2013

Kapishya Visit - Monday Afternoon Rafting

We enjoyed lunch, poolside, rested a bit then took a ride up to a bridge for a raft trip back down to the Lodge.  African humor, but the children we saw swimming loved having the hippo and croc heads to hold onto.

 Believe it or not, this is the "bridge" we launched from, somewhere beyond the tall grass in the foreground.

On the raft, beginning our intrepid float downstream.  Will there be crocs?

Tom mans one of the oars, our guide manned the other.

Mary, ready for another adventure.

So far, fairly tame .. still looking for crocs.

Oh, no, even more calm water!  Paddling time.

Oh, a bit of turbulence (which is a real stretch on the meaning of the word.)

Reedy areas, in little calm ponds nearby.

And water lilies, prime croc territory, no? "No."

Rocks were rather abundant along the way, this one quite large.  Just a little push with the oar and we missed hitting it.

Surely, here is where a croc would be, right?  "No, boss."

This part turned out to actually be tricky to maneuver through.  We turned around and started to float backwards.

Still no crocs.  We were beginning to suspect we were back in Disney World.

Rather odd tree I missed when we were going down the right way.  Caught it while going backwards, then they got the raft turned right.

Crocs?  "No, (what are they asking about crocs for?)"

Looking down in the water.  Sunlight reflection makes it appear murky in the photo, but the water was clear, and plenty of algae type moss on the rocks.  We spotted a few small fish swimming, but no crocs.

More branches to dodge and duck under, and the water picked up a bit more steam.

But, short lived.  Back to calm waters.  Smoke in the background from burning brush (and trees when it got too hot.)

And finally back to our chalet.

Guess we'll have to content with the croc in the swimming pool.

We changed into swim suits and headed to the hot spring for one final soak.  Tom and I enjoyed nice gin and tonics (strictly medicinal, of course) and Mary a lemonade.

Another special part of the Lodge is the Spa that Mark built.  He has 4 local women who are trained to give massages and pedicures.  Tom and I opted for a relaxing back, shoulder and neck massage .. nice way to end our day!

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