Thursday, July 4, 2013

Kapishya Hot Springs Lodge

This turned out to be what we would consider authentic Zambian, but with some very, very nice upgrades.  Mark Harvey met us at the gate, welcomed us to his Lodge and took Tom to see our chalet, Insofu which is Bemba for elephant.

Views of the river from our chalet deck.  Mist is a result of the hot spring water emptying into the river.

Behind the stairs up to the loft.
Mosquito nets were used every single night, as well as lighting Off coils.
Stairs going up to the loft, where Mary made herself comfortable.
The path from our chalet back toward the lodge.
The walls of our chalet had plenty of artwork:
Practically everything that could be was made on the estate using local material, including the curtain rods.
More artwork.  Mary and I believe this is a type of musical instrument.
This appears to be a comb.
Another mask:
The logs and limbs used to construct the chalet were another source of art.  Note the conduit is a very recent addition.  The lights were converted kerosene lanterns.
This cute elephant, standing about 12" high, was on the landing for the loft.

We didn't waste any time in slipping on our swimsuits and settling down in the hot spring for a much needed soak after the drive.  Tom did the driving and definitely enjoyed the relaxing warmth of the spring.

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