Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mother Monkeys

Mary and I were back in Houston for 6 weeks, through August and into September.  About 2 weeks before we came home Tom spied a monkey that appeared to be misshapen.  At first, repelled, he looked closer and realized that a little, tiny monkey was clinging to mama with all he had, and what looked like an odd growth from her underside was the little baby's tail wrapped around mama's tail.

I caught these photos as the mothers, babies attached, were moving past a bedroom on the side of the house.  These mamas spook quite easily, so I feel fortunate to have even taken these.  So, accept my apologies for the poor quality.

Can you see all the monkeys in this photo?  The one sitting alone was acting a guardian, all the others were mamas with babies.  You'll have to look close to see all of them.

Sitting on top of the fence right next to the edge of the house.

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