Monday, September 30, 2013

The Africa House

I am currently reading a good book that Mike Dobbins loaned.  If you would like to have a terrific story, based on good, solid research, dive into The Africa House by Christina Lamb.

I am glad I didn't read it prior to our Kapishya Springs visit.  For myself, it would have felt too much like I was peering into the personal stories of the Harvey family.  It was more enjoyable to listen to Mark Harvey's stories and philosophy without having the "background."

But now that we have been visitors, it is great to now learn the history of not just Shiwa Ng'andu, but Northern Rhodesia (present day Zambia.)   I realize that many of the frustrations we encounter today were magnified same back.  At least today we have internet and phones to keep us connected to the outside world, and many native Zambians are educated and no longer simply subsisting on the land.

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