Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Finding Good Eats in Miraflores

A funny thing happened recently to one of the geologist who work with Tom. To simplify things, lets give our friend the name "Mike." He splits his time between northern Peru at the project site and here in Lima.

Mike enjoys a lot of physical activity, and walks to work. He is also single, and like most single folk enjoys the relative ease of eating out. On his daily walk to and from the office, he noticed that one particular restaurant was always packed with patrons, no matter what time of day. Universally a promising sign. The asmosphere was very upscale, and inviting as well.

One night Mike was on his way home, having come from the project only the day before, feeling both hungry and tired and knowing there was no food at the apartment he decided to give this place a try. There were only a few folks eating inside so Mike had no problem getting a seat. The food was served cafeteria style, which suited the his hunger level.

After dishing up his plate, Mike dug in only to realize it was terrible. He tried another item. It, too, was horrible. In fact, Mike told us later that it was absolutely the worst food he had ever eaten. Given he has lived in some remote areas around the world, that is saying a lot!

It turns out that what Mike thought was a restaurant was actually the cafeteria for a little hospital, tucked around the corner from both his apartment and the restaurant. He voluntarily ate hospital food! As you can imagine, the restaurant was always packed because they had a captive audience!

I apologize if this did not come out as funny as when Mike told it. He has a very good way with expressions, and I can only hope you smiled a bit. Everytime I think about his tale, I feel better about our lack of Spanish skills. You see, Mike is fluent in Spanish, and even he was caught by surprise! Bon appetit!

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