Saturday, April 12, 2008

Passion Sunday in Lima

Here is a picture of the palms we purchased in Lima for Passion Sunday. These are rather typical, but we saw simpler versions, as well as more elaborate ones. I say purchase because this is another way that the poor make money.

Before we even had our car in park, we had three small kids and their mom clamoring for our attention. These each cost a sole, the same that another fellow was charged for just a frond. There were several groups outside the church selling their palms.

Mass began outside the chapel, with the sprinkling and blessing of the palms. We didn't have musicians that day, so we processed back in silently. Our celebrant was a visiting priest, a lovely older man, who celebrated the Passion Sunday Mass with reverence and a very apparent love of God! It was very joyful, though quiet.

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