Saturday, April 19, 2008

Flight from Lima to Cusco

Here are just a series of pictures taken on the plane from Lima to Cusco. We flew AeroCondor, and though the plane was obviously old, and rattled a bit, the flight was pleasant. The only mishap was on landing. A small piece of trim by the overhead luggage compartments jiggled loose and hit me (Yvonne) on the shoulder. It didn't hurt, but sure surprised me! On our return flight, seated on the opposite side of the plane we knew it was the same one because that piece was still missing! That aside, the flight went well, and the airline is one we would definitely use again.

The first picture is after we reached altitude, and you can see the snow caped Andes in the distance. Then as we were actually flying over them, you can see the much closer view of the snow and glaciers. The cloudy shot is what was covering Cusco as we prepared to land. Cusco is over 12,000 ft in elevation. More on that experience in the next post.

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