Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April Madness

Stuff ... It has been a difficult 3 weeks.  I can't really talk about anything related to the reason, except to say to those involved directly ... we love you deeply, and I raise you in prayer all through out the day, and even at my 3 am waking.

Snow ... it hasn't stopped!  The drifts are disappearing.  But, they aren't as much melting as sublimating right now.  Definitely not at the pace we would wish.  Moments ago more flakes were drifting down.  Sigh.

We planted some bulbs last fall, and really are overdue on finding out if they are viable.  Hopefully our plump black squirrels haven't dug too deeply in the flower beds.

Our oldest challenged on her blog to type in each letter of the alphabet on your search bar, and record what came up.  We had two letters that apparently haven't been used ... Q and Z (not a surprise.)  And oddly, the letter R brought up a webpage one of our adult daughters apparently read while visiting.  It deserves a soft "R" rating, so do not explore and blame me if you are a bit shocked.  I declined to click on the link, but Peter did and reiterated Kate's admonition to Mary that she was NOT to ever visit that webpage.  Which begs me the question, "Why not her, too?"

I'll include our list at the bottom of this post.

Last night my ENDOW friends met again for Week 5 of our Muliaris Dignitatem study.  There are no coincidences in life, of that I am convinced.  We had to take a break for various personal reasons, and it happens that last night's study focused on reconciliation.  This week will be our Diocesan-wide day for confession.  Tomorrow, beginning at 8 am and concluding at 8 am all the parishes and priests will be open to hear confessions!  We are planning to attend as a family.  Last night's study helped provide me more insight for my Examin.

Okay .. here is the list .. you'll see where my practical streak lags behind Mary's creative streak.  Perhaps I can use her as my excuse for not blogging more ;-) .. but I won't.  My days are packed with ... well, nothing .. and it is by my own laziness, and a need for privacy that I don't blog more.  I look back over the past few blogs and see they are focused on the weather.  Boring.  Safe, but boring.

This spring (*provided it actually arrives) will begin new rounds of home renovations.  Tom and I have come up with a beautiful solution for kitchen/breakfast room/family room.  It is actually can begin, I'll keep you all posted with progress pictures.

Well here are the ABC's from our search bar:

A: amazon.com
B: bestbuy.ca
C: chron.com/apps/comics/showComics.mpl
D: dressupwho.com
E: ebay.com
F: facebook.com
G: gamestop.ca
H: herinteractive.com
I: imdb.com
J: jellio.com
K: kenken.com
L: londonpubliclibrary.ca
M: mail.yahoo.com
N: nintendo.com
O: ourkids.net
P: pbteen.com
Q: (Nothing!)
R: redstring.strawberrycomics.com
S: store.delias.com
T: thedreamercomic.com
U: uniongas.com
V: voguepatterns.mccall.com
W: walmart.com
X: xe.com
Y: youtube.com
Z: (Nothing!)

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