Sunday, April 17, 2011

Passion Sunday

Holy Week is finally here.  Even though Easter is about the latest in the year it can be we might end up with another white Easter Sunday.

Earlier this week I took pictures of proof that we do have bulbs growing.  So far, though, no stalks showing the flowers.  Instead we have plenty of green.
 Windy, windy, windy!
 These two are of volunteers in the front yard.  Pretty sure they are weeds.
 But, given we have no other flowers, we'll take color wherever we can get it.
Bulbs are beginning to push up through the mulch.
We are cozied up to a warm fire in the family room today out of comfort.  Outside .. well take a look!
 Same spring flag, with a lot more wind!
 The base of the birch tree is where those pretty purple blooms are, now surrounded by snow.
 No grilling today.
Yeah, definitely snow and we're glad the fire is still burning.

Today we are having our St. Patrick Day dinner.  A month ago we had an emergency that required me to fly quickly to Houston.  So, today it's a corned beef dinner.  

As topsy turvy as this spring is being, that makes as much sense as watch new HUGE flakes fall from blue skies!

May your Holy Week be one of intense preparation and reception!

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