Saturday, April 23, 2011

Good Friday and Holy Saturday

No posting yesterday, as it was Good Friday.  This morning we awoke to blue skies, the aftermath of rain and the promise of spring drawing closer.

Yesterday we arrived early for the 3 pm service for Good Friday.  Last year we arrived about 20 minutes earlier, had to walk a long way from a parking spot and sat in the basement.  This year we arrived about 45 minutes early, had a choice of spots to park and sat in the third row from the front.

Each of us used this time for prayer and reflection, and that was a grace filled moment of time suspended.  The homilist for Good Friday service was Fr. Murray Watson.  He was the small group leader for Mary's Confirmation preparation last year.

This morning's paper had an interesting interfaith discussion, concerning the question "How can we believe in a loving God in a world of such suffering?"  Fr. Murray was one of the panelists.


Time for some shopping (still looking for almond paste for our Easter bread), and to get Mary to and from ballet.

Holy Saturday .. and tonight the Easter Vigil.  Lent has been a time of totally unexpected crosses, and unexpected grace.  We hope and pray for each of our friends and family, especially that they find the peace that comes in a world in turmoil only in Jesus Christ.

Peace be with all of you!

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