Saturday, December 15, 2012

Blame It on the Rain

We have had intermittent internet and satellite television for the past four days.  Right now I'm looking out over the patio, and there is enough green to make the Emerald City look pathetic.  The sun is out, which means the internet is available.  Since this area is just now entering the rainy season, bear with us as we post when we can.

Our adventures have taken us back to Kitwe last Sunday, and to Ndola today.  Last Sunday we stopped at two roadside vendors.  The first was a family that makes rattan furniture.  We picked up this little wooden and rattan cabinet.  I am using it for our telephone.  We also commissioned four patio wicker chairs and a table.  Today we stopped by to see if we could buy more of these, but of course we couldn't.  And our chairs won't be ready until tomorrow.

So, to help our housekeeper out with her dressing/change room we chose this to bring home today.  In addition we commissioned two more of the first style cabinet, plus one that is twice as wide.  These we plan to use as bedside tables.

So, we'll drive back tomorrow to pick up the patio set, and maybe the little tables.  That will probably not be the case.  But it is quite fun to pull off the road, drop off the edge onto red mud (this time of year) and make our selections, talk price, place orders, and make everyone happy.  Our other roadside purchase last weekend were several palm and bamboo plants for the front yard.

With the rain being so heavy, and no internet we had time to put together our new executive desk.  I had to argue for this one, as this is the one we were assigned.  It is currently in Mary's room, and perfect as a student desk.

The woman, Queen, in charge of furnishing this house has been an interesting person to interact with.  When she showed this to us (from another vacant house) she was proud that she had tracked down a desk.  Keep in mind that we had already located the desk we wanted, had the pro-forma submitted, and were waiting for delivery.  Or so we thought.  When we saw it, after her telling us it was an executive desk, we negotiated that we would take in in place of one bedroom item.  But, honestly, do you think this looks like an executive desk?  

Here is the desk we did eventually get.  The same desk chair is in both photos, so you can see the huge difference.  When we finally went back to World Store, here in Chingola, to purchase it we found out it was ready to assemble.  No problem.  We have put together a lot of box furniture in the past.  Plus, with the internet out, it gave us something to do on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

What we didn't realize is how skimpy the directions were.  Here are the directions for one of the side cabinets.  We scratched our heads, tried some dry fits, and somehow managed to make it work.  Well, almost.  The drawer slides don't quite match up, and the screw heads aren't flush, but I am confident Tom will get it figured out.  

These are the parts and hardware for the side cabinet.

And this is the 3 drawer cabinet fully assembled, perfect for our printer.

Here is a photo of our desk area.  You can see the bright sunshine beyond the windows.  It is a pleasant place to study, blog and teach.  The carpet was one of our purchases made in Ndola today.  There is an Indian owned business there called Ndola Trading Company.  The Dobbins family tipped us off about it, and that is where all the carpets in the house are from.  As I was arranging and moving them around today I notice they are imported from Egypt.  

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