Saturday, December 1, 2012

Monkeys on the Roof

Just after I posted yesterday, after the paint and maintenance crews were gone the monkeys appeared.  (The camouflage didn't work.)  Mary and I cautiously took pictures in the front, mostly females with babies and some juveniles.

About 1 hour later we heard a horrendous fight in the backyard ... where the males hang out.  We did not venture beyond the house this time.  One fellow sat on the corner near the top of a downspout, jumped on the roof, and before we could get a photo scampered over to the other side.

Here the little devils are:

From our front door, just across the driveway.  

Mom and baby scampering around the side of the house.

Two males playing on the electric lines out by the swimming pool.  In comparison, they about double the size of the mother monkey.

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