Saturday, December 8, 2012

Police Checks

We went through no less than 11 police checkpoints between Lusaka and Chingola yesterday afternoon.  While it is irritating to have to slow down only to be waved through, I hope it does stop at least one serious accident.  We were stopped only twice.  The first time was because the vehicle in front of us was being scrutinized.  The license plate was from the DRC (Congo).  It was a bit later that we realized this car was actually a left hand drive, instead of the right hand drive.  This makes it especially frightening when passing (called overtaking here) In order to verify oncoming traffic, the driver has to practically pull all the way into the on coming traffic lane.   We were behind this car for much more time that we wanted!  When we finally were able to overtake him, he was on the cellphone... yes, it is here, too.

Notice the police officer is standing on the passenger side of the car.

Here are a few dismal reminders of accidents, death and destruction along the route!  While it is irritating to have to slow down to be waved through, I hope it does stop at least one serious accident.

Oh, and the other time we were stopped caused us to sing high praises to Thomas, our driver from Chingola to Lusaka.  When we were negotiating on the vehicle he expressed interest in seeing what we were going to buy.  Tom took Thomas back out to the parklot where the Nissan was parked.  Thomas liked it, but told us the "certificate of fitness" was expired, and we would need to have that attended to before we drove home.  And that was exactly what one of the police officers checked on our car.  We would have had no idea, and the owner honestly thought it was up to date.  She had it taken care, but was just one more reason it took longer in Lusaka, but that is okay.  

We got to enjoy a wonderful German meal at the favorite restaurant of Bob and Mary Syngekowski.  And we met them at the American Thankgiving feast in Ndola.  We were invited to the Schultz' Thankgiving celebration only because Mike and Lattisha Dobbins told them about the new American family living in Chingola.  And, we only met Lattisha and Mike because they happened to be dining at the Protea restaurant the same night we were, and Tom was forward enough to ask Lattisha if she was from the US when she returned from stepping outside.  We knew they were Americans by listening to them chatting at their table!  

I know many of you reading this blog either have a disbelief in God, or a noncommittal sense of God, and some, like us have a very strong belief in God.  Sharing our experiences and living here has just reinforced that God is real, He loves and cares for us.  There have simply been too many coincidences to believe otherwise.  As we each step out in our own level of faith, I hope my own deepens, and we will pray this Advent season that yours will open up and deepen as well!  Look for my post on the button, for a humorous affirmation.

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