Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Drip, Drip, Drip

Yesterday was a Monday, in all ways, shapes and forms.

After our housekeeper was finished with the master bedroom I walked in and found a dark spot on the carpet.  I felt it, and it was wet!  Looking up I saw this:

A quick text message was shot off to Tom at work, and pretty quick a crew of 5 showed up to see what was up.  We all thought it was another roof leak, which caused this problem while we were off touring Victoria Falls:

With one person inside directing another two outside they climbed on the roof and inspected while another person climbed into the attic access seen above.  This was unfortunate as (1) it was the wrong access point and (2) he stepped wrong and did this:

After they accessed the attic in the right location it was determined that the roof was not leaking, but a pipe was bad.  More coming and going, the pipe was replaced, more dirt left behind than pleased our housekeeper, and they left.

Unfortunately, we think they used an old pipe and it resulted in this:

Not only was it rusty, sand came out with it:

We ended up running faucets for about 45 minutes each to flush out the lines.  This morning rust initially came out of the bathroom tap, but abated in 5 or so minutes.  

Now to get the ceilings repaired (or not).  In the very least we'll need to address where the attic is open to the hallway.

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