Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Monkeys Like Mary

Mary and I were busy in the kitchen on Saturday morning.  We looked out to see monkeys in the yard, and then one in our radish and strawberry garden.  He was busy pulling out radishes.  I rapped on the window, didn't phase him.  We went to the back patio door, opened the louver windows and I shouted at him.  Still didn't phase him.  But, by then he apparently decided that radishes weren't any good.  Later we found 4 that had been pulled out and left behind.

Almost immediately we had a young monkey on the patio.  Mary quickly grabbed the camera, and started to take photos.  At one point, as the monkey was coming closer I stepped into view, and he retreated a few steps.  I moved back out of sight from the door, and he again moved closer.

Here are some of the photos Mary took.  Apparently she did not intimidate him, at all.

This is looking through the pet door in the patio door.  It is kept locked, for obvious reasons. 

He plucked an orange blossom and was busy tasting it.  In the end, after about 5 minutes of tasting, he discarded it and ran off to the rest of the group.

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