Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Gardening Reborn

After the termite invasion, I asked Richard to completely remove the soil from one of the planters surrounding the patio.  This is the same planter that had all the mushrooms growing.  He removed the soil from all three, and replaced it with "composted" vegetation.  For the most part the soil was okay, but the composted part wasn't.  That just means I have to keep any eye out for unwanted seeds sprouting and pull them out.

In addition we also asked Richard to clean up the lawn area that surrounds the pool.  Along the end fence Tom and I planted some corn and beans.  We didn't have any squash, but perhaps next year so they provide nutritional and physical support for each other.  We do not expect the corn to produce since it was planted in a single row, but wanted it more for a vegetation screen.  If it works, we'll likely plant a double row all around the pool next spring.

Here are photos of our latest gardening efforts.

The upper planter was seeded with mesclun mix lettuce, green onion, romaine, head lettuce, spinach and radish.  This planter does not receive rainfall, which is good considering the tremendous amount and force of the rains.  We also bought some marigolds, also planted here.

Looking from both ends of the same.  Plants at the end of the lower picture are radish.

Along the pool fence, either bush or pole beans.  We planted both.

This is another shot showing the beans and corn coming out of the ground.

When we planted these this centipede or millipede (didn't look that closely) was also present .. the spoon is a large serving spoon, approximately 12" in length, we estimated the bug to be about 4 to 6 inches in length.

Harvesting radishes ...

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