Friday, March 27, 2009

Fencing Classes

Last night Mary and Peter completed class #6 for their 10 lesson introduction to fencing.  They are both doing well.  Peter has wanted to take classes since visiting his sister Liz's team practice at University of St. Thomas.  Mary was iffy until last night's class.  She came out exclaiming, "That was the best ever!"
They are learning to fence epee, but using foils.  Okay, that's as far as my knowledge goes.  But, they are thoroughly enjoying this sport.  The club that is sponsoring the classes has members from about 10 to 75!  They come in to begin their practice as this class is winding down.  We are finding that this might be a wonderful sport to pursue well beyond our homeschool years.  I may even take it up next time around for the introductory classes.

First comes stretching, then practice on form, and finally practicing on each other.

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