Thursday, March 5, 2009

March Miracle

Well, Tom's fellow office mate who assured us that March 1 the melt begins in London was right!  What we have now are swiftly diminishing dirty snow drifts that look like ice stagmites.  All the grass is emerging, matted down from all the snow.  The wind, though, is still quite icy and bites right to the bone.  
Our predicted high today is 15 C (~59F).  Quite a nice, pleasant surprise after what seemed like unending snow storms and growing drifts.   I am certain Peter looks forward not having any more driveway shoveling duty.  No snow means plenty of mud, though.

This Friday we will be joining with other area Catholic homeschool families for First Friday!  This time around we will have the joy of dry roads, as opposed to the icy ones in February.  

Take care.  I hope your own winters are winding down as spring is close at hand.

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