Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Learning New Customs

Last night provided another of those awkward moments.   Each place we've moved to, we have had to discover what the nuances of local phrases and customs mean.

In Peru, naturally, we found several differences.  Even moving from Nevada to Texas provided other changes.  Our move north to Canada has given us more.

My awkward moment came when I arrived at our study group hostess's home.  After getting settled in she offered a beverage.  I was thirsty, so asked if I could have a cup of tea.  There were only tea cups set out, no drinking glasses or pitcher of water.  After selecting a tea I enjoy, I waited for my hostess to provide the hot water.  But, it didn't come.   Definitely a bit disconcerting.

Apparently in Canada (at least here in London) when offered something to drink it is more polite to decline.  Filed away for future reference, and a reminder to drink water before arriving.  At our break time, she again offered a beverage, which I did receive.  Then she had a nice little tray of crackers and cheese, stressing how good the cheese was.  Taking her at her word I selected three crackers and three small pieces of cheese.  Apparently this was another faux pas!  

Slinking back to my seat, I did find the cheese to be wonderful and commented positively.  Silence from the other women, a disapproving silence from one.  Sigh.  Another note: eat before you come, and only take the same as everyone else - which was one cracker and one slice of cheese.  Just so you know, the slices were very small, as were the crackers.

I'm learning.  But, all I can say is I much prefer Texas hospitality.  But, we live in Canada, so now I simply live and learn, remembering to have both my thirst and hunger satisfied before venturing out.  

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  1. Wow, I feel for you! Yes, we'll feed you all you want here in TX!