Monday, March 16, 2009

Houston Shopping with the Bride

Here are Liz's future mother-in-law, Carrie, and my daughters Katherine, Elizabeth and Meghan.  We are at Kraftsman's cafe for a quick breakfast before the Houston Bridal Fair on Saturday morning.  My visit was certainly short, but I was able to touch base and visit with a few friends.  Friday Liz tried on several dresses and found "the one!"  Looked so pretty on her.  I remember that same feeling all those years ago when I tried on the wedding dress I chose.

Late on Friday afternoon the three girls and I drove up to our old neighborhood in Copperfield.  We enjoyed the first fish fry at Christ the Redeemer.  Another opportunity to enjoy the Knight's fantastic fare and visit with several of our old parish friends.  We were also given the grace to have a personal tour of the new church building with Debbie Maglicco, the liturgy director.  Beautiful, beautiful church.   We are looking forward to returning in May for Peter's Confirmation, and again in August for Liz and John Paul's wedding!

Later on Friday evening my good friend Rebecca Hill and I attended the UST play, "Charlie's Aunt."  It is such a fun farce!  Kate was stage manager, and Meghan was house manager.   Saturday was the bridal fair followed by the vigil mass at St. Basil Chapel on the UST campus.  Early Sunday I was dropped off at the airport, and made it back to Tom, Mary and Peter by early evening.   Quite a long day of quiet following three days of intense activity.  God is good!

As always, never enough hours in the day.  But, we accomplished all that I needed to, and had plenty of time to just enjoy each others' company.  So, in the end, we had plenty of time.  

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  1. I just found your blog! There was not a link to it from your comments in the past, but now there is.
    I wish I knew you were in town; I'd love to see you.