Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Down to the Ground

Last huge project involved Mary and Peter.  While Tom and I were busy brushing, caulking, and painting they were busy trimming the lower branches from a pine tree in the back yard.  This almost 40' beauty was, unfortunately, planted too close to the house.  After the tree was trimmed as high up as Peter could reach, he and Tom hauled our rented 32' extension ladder around.  Tom trimmed up as far as he could with that one.  Next came several heavy duty straps joined together across the yard, and attached to the upper part of the tree. While Tom made an initial notch on the tree trunk, we secured all pets inside, and then Peter, Mary and I pulled as hard as we could on the rope.  Tom continued to saw, and finally the giant came down as planned.  The dynamic duo continued cutting, limbing, lopping and hauling the branches away.  Mary and Peter have plenty more work to get the limbs bundled for pick-up and the trunk stacked.  You can see in these pictures the tiny chain saw Tom had to use.  (He was the proud owner of a real size Stihl, but it was sold before our move to Texas.  You might guess who still hears about that decision.)  One of these shows the narrow space this tree was occupying.  I often wonder why people don't remember that trees are supposed to grow, but still plant too close to foundations, and other trees!  We have plenty more yard work to keep us all busy, not to mention all the painting on the back of the house!

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