Friday, July 16, 2010

An Empty Bird House ... NOT

We started scraping and caulking the back of the house this week.  Last week while Tom was in the far north I painted the lower portion trim.  This upper part has really been through the harshest environment with a full southern exposure, and is taking a longer time to prep for painting.

Under the eaves was an old birdhouse.  When Tom dropped took it down on Tuesday night I  had opened up the top, and while it did look like a current nest, there was no visible sign of a little bird inside.  They must camouflage well! It had been placed on the deck, and imagine my surprise when, while I was washing dishes, I spied a small brown bird standing at the opening.  As soon at it left another one flew in, and then I spied a large yellow open mouth just inside the opening.  Both parents made about 4 trips while I watched from inside the house.  That also explains why Dolly the cat has been sitting in front of the birdhouse staring to intently at it earlier in the day.

When I told Tom after he got home after work he didn't hesitate to pull the ladder back out, and reinstalled it back where it had been.  So far I haven't spied the parent birds flying in, but then again, we hadn't even realized they were using the house.

In the meantime we'll keep our eyes peeled for the debut!  In keeping with our updating plans we'll take spruce up the little house late fall once they have definitely moved on.

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