Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fixin' Up the House

Tom had a long four day weekend beginning with Canada Day on July 1, and ending on Independence Day, July 4.  Back on June 13 we came home from morning Mass only to discover a balky garage door.  Fortunately, it decided to stop closing after we returned home, and not prior.  And perhaps best that it didn't happen at midnight when we returned from Michigan to pick Mary and Peter up at the airport after their Houston sojourn.

Tom and his trusty sidekick, Peter (our son), investigated and found rust had pretty much destroyed the cable mechanism and hinges.  These garage doors were wooden, and though we knew they would have to be replaced eventually when we bought the house, we certainly had hoped to delay it until after the wedding in January.

But, God is good, you know?  Tom drove to Home Depot, and sitting in the middle of an aisle along with several sale items were two garage doors the right size and price.  We needed three so Tom negotiated with the floor manager and got a third that was insulated for the same sale price as the two uninsulated ones.  He drove home, got my enthusiastic nod of approval, hitched up our little trailer behind our Jetta, took Mary with him to the orange box store and picked them up.

When they got to the checkout counter another surprise awaited them.  He had negotiated the price to around $250 each.  When he checked out the price had dropped to $199 each!   We had to paint them to match the house (another post), they are now installed, and look fabulous!

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