Wednesday, July 7, 2010


One of the unknown bonuses of moving to our new-to-us house are the raspberry canes growing between one of the family room windows and the deck.  They have been producing abundantly, and we have just about reached the end of their growing season.  There are now 6 quart size freezer bags stowed away for treats later on this year.  We have some strawberries, but unfortunately, our May/June rain kept their feet wet, and not much was produced.  Drainage is a serious problem we have to address.  It took a while when we first moved to Texas to adjust to the idea of real rain, real high humidity and heat.  After our 3rd year there, we were finally able to keep a yard looking good.  This climate is different than any I've lived in before.  Much more seasonal, with a nice level of humidity, as opposed to the high in Houston and the low in Nevada we had been living with in years past.

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  1. Oh, Charlene would love to visit during raspberry season!