Friday, August 26, 2011

Furniture Project

The weekend after we were in Nevada for the 4th of July, and after Tom returned from a double red-eye trip to Yellowknife and the NICO project, he and Peter built a desk, bookcase headboard, and replaced the top of his dresser.

It was a very quick, not easy, but nice project for them to do together.  And it gave Peter some great pieces to enjoy alone time in his bedroom.

This was originally an armoire.  Tom built one for each of our children when we lived in Houston.  For Peter, and to accomodate his first room in this house the top part had to be removed.  His room was the spare room over the garage.  Being the attic space that means half height walls with slanting ceiling.  After enduring a frigid winter, and sweltering summer we convinced him to move into his present room.  Now his chest of drawers has a new, finished top and looks 100% better.

The simple desk and converted waiting room chair.  We bought 8 or 10 of these at a yard sale.  With the simple addition of castors they are are the right height for deskwork.  Tom uses the same chair with castors in his den.

The big project they tacked was the headboard.  Tom designed it to have side "tables" and a slanted back to the top.  That makes is easy for Peter to read in bed at night.  All of it was built with MDF.  It was a great father/son project.  Peter learned a bit about planning, layout, cutting, assembly and finally finishing.  He did all the sanding, and most of the priming and painting.  He even chose the color.  I think I'll start having him help me choose colors for the rest of our projects (that is until he leaves the nest.)  In the meantime, I have plenty of projects for him to do that I can't.  Having a tall strong son is so nice!  And I'm glad he now has "real" furniture for his private retreat.

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