Friday, August 26, 2011

Posting About Posts

It all started with a puppy.

Our neighbors decided to get a puppy.  Cute, adorable little rag mop.  As we all know (but tend to have amnesia about) puppies grow.  Puppies are curious.  And puppies don't always do what we want them to.  That includes staying in the back yard.

So Lori came over in desperation early in August and mentioned that they were going to have a gate installed, and wanted to make certain it was okay with us.  Long story short .. that weekend we saved them a bunch of money, and with their help installed this!  John, the spouse of Lori, learned that he was a lot handier than he thought he was.

There was this section of fence installed, as well, in place of the 4' tall chainlink that separated our yards.

Tom and mostly Peter dug all the post holes for this project by hand.  That and a sawZall for roots.  Last night they pickup up a powered posthole digger and got busy early this morning.

Now all the postholes are dug.  They still had to rely on some help from the sawZall for stubborn roots.  But, between 7:15 and 8:15 am, they dug 10 holes.

Tonight Tom will be picking up the new posts, and I suspect he, Peter and me will be cementing in those same posts.  By the end of the weekend, it should look vastly different.  I think it will improve neighborly relations, and enhance both our yards.

Tom also listed the chainlink and fence parts on Kijiji (for free) and received 5 responses in less than an hour. So, that means this won't be in our yard by tonight!

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