Friday, August 26, 2011

A Lawn! A Lawn!

Last summer we had mostly dirt with a few weeds gracing our back yard.  Apparently the weed and feed we used wiped out the "grass" which must have not been all that much.  It was decimated, and a huge embarrassment for our Rinaldi family celebration a year ago August.

Well, here is evidence that we now have a lawn.  No sod, just me pulling out obnoxious weeds (they were not noxious, just not what I wanted to grow) last June.  Plenty of overseeding, after which we waited.  Tom insisted we'd have to rototill everything, and put in sod.  Me, being the cheapskate that I am, insisted that grass seed and time were a lot cheaper (and a whole lot less work.)  I won!  Well, not really.  We all won.  Instead of a back mud pit, we have grass.

It isn't perfect .. I do like to see more than just grass growing.  As long as Peter keeps it mowed and trimmed, it looks like a lush lawn.  Just don't get picky on me, or I might do to you what I did to those obnoxious plants last spring.  Not really, but just shush up if you are someone who believes that green lawns should all be one type of plant.

Our lawn, resurrected!

Our neighbor's lawn, which is always picture perfect.
As for those holes, my fence post will explain.  Pun thoroughly intended!

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